When you receive your SSAT report you will get a few different numbers reported back to you: scaled scores, sub-scores, percentiles and raw scores. It's helpful to look at each because they provide different information. Let's learn what each means:

Correct answers on the SSAT receive one raw-score point, incorrect answers lose one-quarter of a raw-score point, and omitted answer neither gain nor lose points.

  • Raw Score
    A raw score is arrived at by awarding 1 point for each correct answer, subtracting one-fourth of a point for each incorrect answer, and neither subtracting or adding any points for questons that are skipped. The raw score is converted to a scaled score by a formula that the test writers do not make public.
  • Scaled score
    A scaled score for each test is reported in the following ranges. For the Middle Level test the range is 1320-2130. For the Upper Level test the range is 1500-2400.
  • Sub-scores
    For each of the sub-sections (Verbal, Reading, and Math), Middle Level test-takers will receive a scaled score from 440-710 and Upper Level test-takers will receive a scaled score from 500 to 800. The scaled score is based on a raw score, which is in turn determined by the number of correct and incorrect answers. The essay is not graded, but is sent to schools.
  • Percentiles
    You provide a comparison to other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT in the past 3 years. The percentile number is the percentage of students who scored lower than your score. You will receive a percentile rank in each of three sections and for the total scale score.

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