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  • I wanted to share: Thursday Jolie received her "composite" scores from Baltimore City. These are a combination of her final grades from 7th, first quarter grades from 8th and scoring from the state standardized Terra Nova test. The results came almost a month late, and were given to us on an index card showing qualification for Baltimore City's "elite". I'm thrilled to say Jolie received the following:
  • I just wanted to let you know that my son took the ISEE exam last Saturday He walked out of the exam smiling and said it "was easy"! While we don't know what his results will show yet, I do know that his confidence and preparation was a direct result of the time he spent working with Adam. Adam was an excellent tutor and was always on time, respectful and pleasant. He was extenely flexible in working around our hectic schedule. He communicated with directness, patience and clarity. Most importantly, he helped my son to be confident in his abilities! I would highly recommend Adam as a tutor to any family without hesitation. It was a pleasure to work with him (and you) through this process. Thank you very much!
  • My daughter is so thankful for Bell Curves. She recently told me that Bellcurves is helping her with school and vice versa. I noticed that her quiz/test scores at school are more consistent and improved this year. Many thanks again! :-)
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